GEAR C/S 47 T.

Item ID Code

Weight per unit
3,115 KG
Items per pack
EATON - FULLER 20380, 19627
EUROTEC 35000181
RT-11610-10 SP.
RT-11615-15 SP.
RT-11715-15 SP.
RT-12610-10 SP.
RT-14610-10 SP.
RT-14615-15 SP.
RT-14715-15 SP.
RT-15615-15 SP.
RT-15715-15 SP.
RTO-11610-10 SP.
RTO-11615-15 SP.
RTO-11715-15 SP.
RTO-12610-10 SP.
RTO-14610-10 SP.
RTO-14615-15 SP.
RTO-14715-15 SP.
RTO-15615-15 SP.
RTO-15715-15 SP.
RTX-11610-10 SP.
RTX-11615-15 SP.
RTX-11715-15 SP.
RTX-12610-10 SP.
RTX-14610-10 SP.
RTX-14615-15 SP.
RTX-14715-15 SP.
RTX-15615-15 SP.
RTX-15715-15 SP.
RTXF-15715-15 SP.

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